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Better Branding Course 
Launch Level Enrollment

In this course, I walk you through my process for developing a powerful, authentic brand identity. You learn how to DIY your own branding and walk away with a brand identity system that you're proud to promote.

Course content includes: 
Module 1: Story
  - Owning Your Origin Story
  - Clarifying Your Business Foundation
  - Declaring Your Brand Beliefs & Values
Module 2: Concept
  - Developing Your Brand Canvas
  - Establishing Your Tone Words
  - Building A Visual Vocabulary
  - Creating A Mood Board
Module 3: Execution
  - Brand Typography
  - Brand Color Palette
  - Graphic Elements
  - Logos
  - Photography
  - Creating A Brand Board
Module 4: Activation
  - Getting Acquainted With Squarespace
  - Website Structure
  - Creating Page Layouts
  - Branding Your Home Page
  - Branding Your Social Media Presence
  - Launching Your Brand

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